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20 Adorably Cute Bedroom Ideas for Little Girls

20 Adorably Cute Bedroom Ideas for Little Girls

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Creating a bedroom for a little girl can be a very fun project. There are endless ways to decorate a room to feel adorable and functional at the same time. When it comes to creating a living space for a child there’s a bit of freedom within the space since children’s furniture tends to be a bit smaller. It can also provide an opportunity to get creative with the type of storage space in a room, and whether you’ll be using brand new furniture or going on a vintage-inspired shopping excursion. Generally, a little girl’s room is going to make use of a lot of lighter colors, whether those are the traditional girly options or more neutral toned ones. Either way, lighter tones are a great option for the long term because they’re also easy to adjust as a little girl’s taste does as well. We have 20 different images below featuring adorably cute bedroom ideas for little girls. There is plenty of inspiration to take from these very different, yet all equally cute bedroom designs.

1. A Pastel Room for a Little Girl

This bedroom is not only adorable thanks to its pastel colors, but it has a lot of depth in it thanks to that the wall shelves and all the patterns in the room. It’s busy in a way that feels fun and welcoming without being overdone in any way. This is a great example of how to fit a lot of storage space into a smaller room, and even how to fit two beds into a slim bedroom width.


2. A Fun Play Corner

This little girl’s bedroom was created to include a really fun play corner, which looks like it could someone busy for hours. The way this room was set up makes great use of the way the wall slopes. No one is going to be standing up too close to that wall, so they embraced that element of the room and put a cozy mat on the floor to encourage sitting down.



3. A Bedroom that’s Focused on Playtime

This is another example of a bedroom that has playtime on the mind, even going so far as to put some balloons on the wall. This creates a permanent atmosphere of feeling fun and exciting. A chair by the corner encourages the space by the window to become a reading nook. This was accomplished by places a rug under the chair, and draping that blanket over it as well.



4. Placing the Bed on the Floor

Placing a little girl’s bed on the floor can be a design choice, and it can also be a choice for a toddler transitioning into a big girl bed. Having the wood frame over the bed makes the bed feel more designed and thoughtful than just putting a mattress on the floor does.



5. Room for Two With a View

This bedroom has a statement window built in it, and it’s clear that it was embraced and turned into a potential reading nook. The rest of the room is filled up with two twin beds, which could look overcrowded but it all fits nicely thanks to the thin bed frames. The choice of blankets and the rug make the room feel homey and lived in.



6. A Super Sweet Bed

The bed is the statement piece in this little bedroom. The bedspread itself is a very girly design and the gauzy drape over the bed will be able to grow as the taste of the young girl does. A simple bookshelf in the corner is all that’s really needed to add a personal touch to the room.



7. Lots of Pink Texture

This little girl bedroom is full of incredible texture. The gauzy pink curtain is adds a lot of dimension to that corner of the room, and also helps to create some space between the two different wall designs. It’s a bold choice to put both flowers and hot air balloons on the wall, but with everything within the same color tones it works well.



8. Incorporating Vintage Items

This little girl’s room was decorated using vintage items or things that look like they could be vintage. This is a fun way to go since there’s often a hunt involved in vintage shopping, which can be a fun experience where the little girl can take part. There’s a certain amount of substance to be felt with vintage items which can make a bedroom feel very comfortable.



9. The Grey and Pink Bedroom

This little girl’s bedroom is mostly grey, white, and pink. We love how the majority of it was decorated in the more neutral tones, which is a great base and makes it easy to change out the accent color of that was ever needed. Having two beds in a little girl’s bedroom is great for having guests over.



10. Splashes of Greenery

This little girl’s bedroom has some greenery mixed in with the pink and other light shades. It’s an elegant touch in a bedroom for any age. Going with faux plants makes things easy and low maintenance. We love how the plant winds around the bed frame and is also featured in the print on the sheets themselves.



11. A Cozy Teepee

A teepee is the star item in this little girl’s bedroom. With the bookshelves next to it, it creates an ideal reading area. There’s something very welcoming about a fort-like space, and in this way, it can be available to a child at all times. A sweet peach shade is repeated a lot here and used as a neutral, which really works in such a bright space.



12. Adding in a Tiny Vanity

We love the pint-sized furniture in this little girl room, from the toddler bed being low to the ground to the tiny vanity beside it. It offers a child the feeling of having all their own belongings. Some whimsy is added into this bedroom by way of the hot air balloon wallpaper and the floating item above the bed.



13. A Simple Bunk Bed Set

This bedroom has a simple but really functional bunk bed set, which is perfect for a child who has a lot of friends over, or even putting two kids into one bedroom. Some simple flair like flags on the wall and a fun puffy light are all that’s needed to make this room feel complete.



14. A Space Saving Bed Style

This style of bed is basically like a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. It can be great for space saving when kids don’t mind using the ladder all the time. (Some of them love it!) The space under the bed can be used to place a desk, or it can be left totally open as a play area.



15. A Gorgeous Mural as Wall Decoration

One way to really create a theme in a little girl’s bedroom is to create a mural on the wall. In this bedroom, the wall mural is the main attraction, and then the bed and the rest of the room reflects the colors as well. Overall it creates a cohesive look while still being relatively simple.



16. Decorating With Earth Tones

Many people lean towards decorating a little girl’s bedroom with pastels or traditionally more feminine colors, but that’s not always necessary. This bedroom is a great example of how cute a little girl’s bedroom can look even when mostly earth tones are used. (Plus a little pop of blush in the curtains.)



17. Lots of Fluffy Pillows

Placing some cute fluffy pillows on a bed is an easy way to quickly dress up a little girl’s room. These pink ones are fun and also look comfortable. Throw pillows are a great decorating option when you don’t want to replace an entire bed set but you do want to diversify the look a bit.



18. A Shabby Chic Little Girl’s Room

The shabby chic style often has a feminine side to it, so it makes sense that it might be used to decorate a little girl’s bedroom as well. This is a great example that includes a vintage-inspired bed frame and a sweet quote painted on wood slats.  There’s a lot of room to play around with this style and do some mixing and matching which offers a lot of decorating freedom.



19. The All-White Bedroom

This little girl’s bedroom does include some soft pinks, but for the most part, white is the main color that’s been used for decorating. It looks bright while still looking soft, thanks to the fact that the wall shade is a bit darker than the linens used on the bed.



20. Making Use of a Big Space

This little girl’s room is a pretty big space, and the design makes great use of it. Splitting the color of the wall midway down the wall makes the room feel like the right height for a child. The many drawers and cubbies encourage that things be put away nicely and make it easy to do so. There are a variety of colors in this room but all of them are soft and feel within the same family which provides a comforting feeling.


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